Excalibur of Curò

Excalibur of Curò

Excalibur of Curò Sounds strange doesn’t it?

Strange that in a place so far from the legends of wizard Merlin there is a sword in the rock, overlooking one of the most fascinating places in the Orobie.

The exalibur of the Orobie is located on the banks of the Barbellino artificial lake: the dam that, with its 18,500,000 cubic meters of water, feeds the Serio waterfalls.

Some years ago Matteo and Modesto have decided to give a legendary accent to the area, inspired by the great King Arthur. So they stuck a sword into the rock. And, always speaking of legend, they approached that of the Serio Falls. Who knows if the shepherd of Valbondione tried to get free his beloved imprisoned in the castle of Barbellino with that very sword.

If you pass through the Barbellino Dam, try to draw the sword, the throne of King of Orobie is at stake!

PATH CAI 305 – Diga del Barbellino area

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