Serio Waterfalls

| Alta Valseriana |

An exciting trekking to the Serio Falls not to be missed during the 5 spectacular annual openings.

To reach the best vantage point you start from Valbondione and continue along the path towards the Rifugio Antonio Curò. The walk has an almost regular slope up to the jump of the Serio Falls. The convenient trail is signaled with CAI 305 sign.

Following the CAI 305 path, after about an hour’s walk, on the left you will find the detour to MASLANA – Cascate del Serio.

For the more enterprising, from here it is possible to reach the Rifugio Curò choosing between the steep path, which provides a shorter route but with greater slope, or continuing on the path that climbs along the side of the valley bending in more hairpin bends and ending near the lake of Barbellino along a path carved into the rock.

We recommend the excursion during the 5 scheduled annual openings (from June to October) of the Serio Falls, the highest in Italy, which are formed at the opening of the dam. It is advisable to arrive in the village a couple of hours in advance of the opening time of the Falls, this allows you to safely manage the parking and walking. Excluding the 5 days of extraordinary opening the Falls are not visible, but you can still reach the area and enjoy a good trekking also suitable for families.

Route details:

Access N ° 1: Following the signs for Valbondione we reach the Palazzetto dello Sport (Via T. Pacati) and park the car (940 m). Leaving the parking lot turn left along the municipal road, at the first junction keep right and continue on asphalt in the direction of Lizzola.

After the first bend on the right, after about 200 meters, take via Curò on the left; after a few hundred meters the road becomes a dirt road and goes into the woods with a regular slope. Following the side of the valley we take altitude and, after crossing some valleys, we reach the lower station of the cableway that transports the food to the shelter. From this point the dirt road becomes a mule track, we leave the forest and continue to climb. At a certain point, after having bent sharply towards the south (1600 m) and crossed several hairpin bends, we cross the trail cai 305/306 (1748 m); we continue to the left, we cross an “aerial” stretch dug into the rock of Mount Verme and reach the Curò Refuge (1915 m).

Access No. 2: Once in Valbondione continue until the place of Grumetti; leave the driveway and take the marked trail with CAI 332 leading to the ancient village of Maslana. Cross the Piccinella bridge, follow the path on the left, arriving at the Floro-Faunistic Observatory near the area of ​​the great boulders.

Access N ° 3: ONLY DAY – Take the CAI path 306 from the frizzola district. After reaching the ancient village of Valbona huts, continue on the left following the signs for Maslana, losing slightly altitude, until you reach the Floro-Fauna Observatory area.